Pricing Guide

Pricing is completely up to you as a consignor, just remember, we want you sell as many of your items as possible … so price them to sell.

Items priced well, sell well!


How to price your items:

  • Based on its condition, price items 25-30% of the original price paid for the item.
Hint:   Rule of thumb:  Consider “What would you be willing to pay for the item?” 
– instead of “This is how much I paid for it brand new.”
  • Items that are cleaned, ironed and nicely hung on hangers will generally bring more money.
  • Allow your items to be sold at 50% off on the last day. Consignors who allow for discounts usually make more money.
  • In order to meet the $2.00 minimum pricing guide, bundle like items together.
  • Remember to price items using $.50 increments.

THM Suggested Pricing Chart

Pricing Guide from Consignment Mommies

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