Preparing Your Items

Time spent preparing your items will be rewarded with increased sales at higher prices.


  • All items should be washed and zippers should be in working order. Clothing should be free of stains, holes and missing buttons.
Hint:  Clean, wrinkle-free items create hanger-appeal and bring in more money.
  • All clothing items (including baby clothes) should be hung on wire or plastic hangers. The hanger hook should be facing left (like a question mark) for proper placement on rack.
Hint: Wire hangers are available at most dry cleaners free-of-charge.
Hint:  Mark hangers by applying a bright spray paint color or affixing a single-colored ribbon to the “neck” of each hanger. This makes spotting unsold items, still on the rack, easier for consignor pick-up. 
  • Hang multi-piece outfits on one hanger by pinning the bottom-half to the hanger. (See diagram)
  • As you’re looking at the article of clothing, affix the tag to the upper right side. Make sure all tags are securely fastened to items. Safety pins or a tagging gun should be used on all clothing.
  •    Tagging_picture
Note:  We cannot under any circumstance accept any items that use straight pins to affix tags.
Hint:  A tagging gun, instead of safety pins, makes the job easier and quicker and can attach to the garment label or seam.
  • Use numeric sizes on the tag, (instead of S, M, L). If there is more than one piece of clothing on a hanger, make sure you indicate it is a two or three piece outfit on the tag.
Hint:  Point out brand names and condition, e.g., “new-with tags.” to catch the buyer’s eye.
  • For socks, hats, hair accessories, bibs, etc., place items into a re-sealable plastic bag and affix tag to bag.


  • Shoes should be clean in very good condition (excessively worn or dirty shoes are not acceptable). Shoes should be securely fastened with ribbon or placed in a re-sealable bag. Secure the top of tag with packing tape before you affix tag either to the bottom of the shoes or on the re-sealable plastic bag.

Hint:  Make sure the pair doesn’t become separated by using zip  ties or tying shoelaces together. To ensure the tag doesn’t get ripped off, “laminate” with clear packing tape and affix with safety pin or tagging gun.


  • Check for recalled items using the links on our Safety Information page.  Recalled toys and toys with missing or broken parts are not accepted.
  • Electronic toys must be in working condition and have working batteries included.
  • Secure a toy and its parts into original packaging or a re-sealable plastic bag. Tape or staple bag shut to prevent buyers from opening the bag.
  • Include product information or the owner’s manual.

Hint:  Many manuals or instructions for games are available online for printing.

  • Clear packing tape (not Scotch or masking) should be used on all non-clothing items. Avoid placing  tape over bar codes.
  • Tape boxed items (puzzles, board games, etc) shut.

Hint:  Be sure all game or puzzle pieces are included and indicate on tag.


  • Affix tag to the back cover of the book. Only tape the top part of the tag down.
Hint:  You can cluster similar books by tying them together with string or placing in a re-sealable plastic bag.  

Baby/Child Equipment: (e.g. strollers, bouncers, exer-saucers, furniture, etc.) 

  • Clear packing tape (not Scotch or masking) should be used on all non-clothing items. Avoid placing  tape over bar codes.
  • Include original packaging or manufacturer’s instructions with the item.
Hint: Go to the manufacturer’s web site and download instructions. Include the original retail price, so buyers recognize the value.
  • We cannot accept car seats at this time.
  • We cannot accept cribs at this time.
  • Affix parts and pieces to all items. Denote on the tag if an item comes with several pieces.
  • Make sure all items are clean and covers are freshly-laundered.
Hint: When taping the tag directly onto an item is the only option, consider creating a “hanging” tag. Affix clear packing tape to the front of tag (do not touch barcodes), and loop it around  to the back. This strategy is ideal for placing tags on bicycle handles, etc. 
Prep Hints Courtesy Kids Closet.

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